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Several reasons of choosing aluminum diamond plate

Aluminum checker plate is commonly applied to stairways, ramps, toolboxes, decorative flooring and walls, trailer beds and rails and other places where need non-slip function or aesthetical appearance or corrosion resistance.

Aluminum diamond plates come in three styles: embossed, 5-bar and one-bar. Or special patterns such as round dot can be specially manufactured.

A piece of aluminum checker plate with three bar projections.
ACP-01: Aluminum checker plate with three bar projections.
A piece of aluminum checker plate with five bar projections.
ACP-02: Aluminum checker plate with five bar projections.

What is the superiority of aluminum diamond plates?

  • Diamond plate aluminum has the lightest weight compared with steel and stainless steel ones.
  • Oxidation firm outside prohibit further corrosion.
  • Ideal for damp and corrosive surroundings.
  • Polished aluminum checker plate is often chosen as decorative element.
  • Remain tarnish even through many years' usage.
  • Easy to clean.
The hand is holding two pieces of aluminum checker plates.
ACP-03: Aluminum checker plate is light in weight.
Many pieces of aluminum checker plate with polished surface.
ACP-04: Polished aluminum checker plate.

Diamond plate aluminum specs:

  • Material: Aluminum alloy 3003 and 6061;
  • Thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm
  • Width: 48", 60"
  • Length: 60", 96", 120"
  • Application: floors, shelves, wall corners, floor mats and so on.
A piece of aluminum wall shelf is made of checker plate with diamond projections.
ACP-05: Diamond plate shelf can support 150 lbs capacity.
A piece of table with two shelves is made of aluminum checker plate.
ACP-06: Aluminum diamond plate end table where desk lamp or books can be placed.

The most popular products and specifications

  1. Aluminum alloy 1050 H24 checkered plate 3mm × 1000mm × 2000mm, 3mm × 1250mm × 2500mm.
  2. Five bar stair tread 6ft. wide in 1/4 inch aluminum and stainless steel.
  3. 8ft. × 4ft. × 3mm and 5ft. × 10ft. × 3mm aluminum checked plate.
  4. Aluminum checkered plates tear drop / diamond pattern 5 bars.
    1. Alloy 1050 or alloy1100 or as per standard.
    2. Temper as per standard.
    3. Thickness 3mm × Width 1220mm × Length 2440mm.
    4. Diamond plate floor 2 door elevator cab 58 inch × 94 1/2 inch.

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