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Why you need a diamond plate wall corner?

Diamond plate wall corner is a premium choice for wall corner guard. It is often found in commercial, residential, institutional, restaurant, kitchen, hospital, airport, workshop and garages and other places where holds heavy traffic every day. Economical and durable diamond plate wall corner guard prevents costly repairs. What is more, stunning metal checker plates decorates the surroundings and improves overall appearance.

Wall corner guard comes in various sizes: 1" × 1" × 4', 1" × 1" × 8', 2" × 2" × 4', 2" × 2" × 8', 3" × 3" × 4', 3" × 3" × 8', 4" × 4" × 4', 4" × 4" × 8'. Usually, 1" size is the most popular and 3" size is the optimum choice for heavy duty commercial applications.

What are selling points of aluminum wall corner?

  • Silvery appearance brightens the whole room.
  • Easy to clean - just wipe off dust.
  • Ideal for chemical and harsh environments.
  • Unique pattern makes the house special.
Wall corner guard fabricated by checkered plate
Checker plate used as corner guard
Right-angled diamond plate protecting your wall corner from external damage
Steel diamond plate wall corner

The most popular products and specifications

  1. 4 inch × 4 inch diamond plate wall corner.

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