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Steel Checker Plate
Steel checker plate is suitable for non-slip applications for its raised diamonds. High load capacity makes it suitable for many applications.
Aluminum Stair Treads
Aluminum stair treads are very popular choices for non-slip treads. Rigidity surface, corrosion-resistance and silvery appearance together assist with safe stairways
Door Kick Plates
Diamond plate door kick plates protect your doors from damage and scuff. Aesthetic appearance, durability and strength make diamond plate ideal choice.
Diamond Plate Wall Corner
Diamond plate wall corner is necessary for high traffic places such as schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, kitchen, and garages where impact damage often occurs.
Floor Plate
Floor plates, made by aluminum, steel or stainless steel diamond plate, are widely found in commercial, residential and institutional areas for its 5 benefits.
Diamond Plate Chair Rail
Diamond plate chair rail is usually placed at chair-height of the wall to protect damage from chair backs, doors, carts and other damage.
Diamond Plate Baseboard
Diamond plate baseboard is placed at the bottom of walls in heavy traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, commercial places to protect from damage and stains
Anti-slip Stair Nosing
Non-slip aluminum stair nosing is installed in all types of stair treads to add friction to prevent from slip and fall accidents, especially children and old people.
Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum diamond plate has better performance in non-slip and corrosive resistance. Diamond plate aluminum is often found in stairways, truck beds and rails, floor plates.
Stainless steel checkered plate
Stainless steel checkered plate has excellent resistance against high temperature, alkali, acids and other chemicals. It is often used in sanitary areas.

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