Anti-Slip Stair Nosing Effectively Prohibit Accidental Slip

Slip and fall accidents often occur to busy stairways when they are in damp and slippery conditions. It is reported that stair tread without added diamond plate nosing or other non-slip nosing has caused a lot of damage to people's health, especially for aged people and children.

Aluminum stair nosing provides a fast, permanent no-skid, and non-corrosive surface for all types of stair surfaces. Even in adverse conditions like the presence of water or oil, diamond plate maximizes the grip by raised diamond pattern and significantly decreased slippery damage. For this reason, metal stair nosing is often found in commercial buildings, residential, industrial, institutional and schools to prevent accidental fall.

Aluminum diamond plate as anti-slip stair nosing

Aluminum checker plate stair nosing

Grating stair treads with diamond plate nosing for skid resistance

Steel chequered plate used as stair treads nosing

Angled stair nosing specs:

Why choose checkered plates as non-slip stair nosing?

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